Broken Heart Syndrome: Ouch, stress may give you a heart break also.

Broken Heart Syndrome: Ouch, stress may give you a heart break also.

It is a known fact that anxiety can lead to heartburns and chest pains. Now a new study says that chronic stress can literally break your heart. This is referred to as heart syndrome, or takotsubo cardiomyopathy, in terms. According to the analysis, this could happen as a result of the stress caused by the loss of any other event or a loved person.

Broken heart syndrome usually means a part of a person’s heart break’s off and enters the bloodstream. The remaining part of the heart weakens. According to the study other significant life stressors, medical treatments and job loss might be behind this illness.

Researchers say that the launch of a lot of hormones (such as adrenaline) through a stressful period may stun the heart.

The idea for this study came when a report was printed about a case of broken heart syndrome in a woman before she underwent treatment for metastatic breast cancer. Within 6 decades, the time during which this research was conducted, over 30 cancer patients were found to suffer with broken heart syndrome. Researches have requested oncologists when the cancer patient shows signs like palpitations, nausea, nausea and chest pain to stay heart syndrome. It’s a temporary condition and can be easily reversed, if caught. If left untreated, it can result in complications like cardiogenic shock and heart attack.

Risks of heart syndrome

Treating this condition is simple and surgery may be required. Many people take one or two months. Problem appears when patients get complications such as shock. This happens when the heart is unable to pump blood. According to a Mayo Clinic study, these complications are developed by one in ten cases. According to researchers in the University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland, out of 1880 people who had been diagnosed with heart syndrome that was coronary 198 obtained cardiogenic shock. Out of those 198 people, 23.5 percent died in hospital and just 2.3 percent without complications died in hospital. Also were far more likely to expire within the next five decades. There’s not any method to treat patients with complications.

Prevention is better than surgery

Managing anxiety is the only other solution for keeping broken heart syndrome at bay, since you can’t control occasions. There are different relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, exercise, eating a well-balanced diet that could help in managing your anxiety and picking up a pastime. Keeping a positive attitude is the first step, followed focusing on solutions and by accepting your position. Exercise helps your body to fight with stress. Like over-dependence on smoking and alcohol, changing lifestyle habits, could help in managing stress as can travel or getting a pet.

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