Corbyn accused of being ‘anti-Hindu’.

Corbyn accused of being ‘anti-Hindu’.

A day after the chief rabbi of Britain Ephraim Mirvis contested the fitness to be Prime Minister in his ranks because of alleged anti-Semitism of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader has been accused of being anti-Hindu.

There are some other Hindu organisations in the UK however Buckingham Palace and the government have a tendency to treat the Hindu Council as a body representing Hindu belief.

The letter added:”Jeremy Corbyn has stayed silent when there’s been a strident anti-India demonstration that culminated in anti-Hindu sentiments. Diwali, our holiest day, has been targeted by demonstrators jeopardized by Labour Party members and MPs’ service, not least with their publicly condemning Hindus in their letters to foreign office, the Prime Minister and the UN.

“This really is a day when the High Commission of India celebrates Diwali with invitees of faiths. The Hindu community was excluded and dumped in their candidature selection. “Jeremy Corbyn consistently speaks against Islamophobia, whereas any anti-Semitic and anti-Hindu positions remain unchallenged.

“It’s a sad state of affairs that a major political party in our nation which was a progressive socialist voice has veered towards that which almost is a fascist ideology. We’re greatly concerned that law abiding Muslims who shared our peaceful values are ignored in favor of extremists who openly despise our communities”

Never before has there been such a letter from a Hindu human body, and especially aimed at the Labour party, that once attracted unquestioning loyalty from Indians. It was Clement Attlee’s government which decided to grant independence to India despite resistance Winston Churchill, from the Tory. Paradoxically, Indians are being encouraged to return Boris Johnson’s Conservative government on December 12. In an interview with The Telegraph, Bhanot said that it was would a mistake to dismiss the protests as coming largely”from Right-wing Hindus”.

There surely were efforts to portray them as overseas supporters of the BJP but Bhanot said that”other than a few Hindus in the Labour Party, the huge majority of Hindus have disowned the Labour party”. He said:”The Hindu Council UK have never in our history interfered in elections. For 30 years we have worked together with the Muslim Council and we have been very respectful to each other. It’s a small minority in the Labour Party but since they are vocal they are running the schedule.”

Bhanot made it seem as though there has been a Cyril Radcliffe partitioning the 2 communities. He expressed profound concern that”our communities here are polarised because of all of these goings on in the Labour Party. The British Pakistani MPs have hijacked the Muslim schedule . And that’s not right. That has created a lot of disharmony among the communities.

They chose the Diwali Day to arrange those protests – it is not that it only happened to be Diwali Day. It was targeted. Corbyn offered what he described that access to Britain’s state-run health service was being discussed with the US in trade discussions, handing reporters countless pages of documents.

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