Settlements discuss triggers row.

Settlements discuss triggers row.

Addressing a group of Kashmiri Pandits in a private event in the city, the movie indicates that Chakravorty being applauded when he says’Kashmiri civilization is Hindu culture’ and promises his listeners that they’ll have the ability to return to Kashmir soon, saying,'(we) have a model on the planet… if the Israeli people can do it…’

In remarks that have come as a huge embarrassment to the government, the consul general also purportedly sought to criticise the multi-faith culture and prognosis of India. ‘We India consider everyone… all faiths and all peoples… We left the tactical blunder, we thought everybody is thinking like us… unfortunately not everybody thinks that way. We ought to think like everyone else and then only will we beat them at their game,’ he says and his comments are greeted by yet another round of applause contrary to customs and India’s secular Constitution. It wasn’t completely clear who he was speaking to as’them’. Chakravorty is a Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer of the 1996 heap and has served as ambassador to Peru and deputy high commissioner to Bangladesh.

On Wednesday Chakravorty maintained his remarks were taken out of circumstance’ I have seen some social media comments. My remarks have been taken out of context,’ he tweeted.

The ministry of external affairs (MEA) preserved silence over the opinions but the incident seems to have caused unease in official circles, especially since the government and the MEA that had advanced a secular argument to the world on why India had revoked Article 370 — which granted J&K special status — in August this year.

Israel has built approximately 140 settlements in 1960s because its occupation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The settlements are considered illegal under international law. A individual familiar with the developments asserted that Chakravorty was merely referring to Israelis keeping their culture alive, but no one is buying this debate.

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