Xiaomi’s latest gadgets.

Xiaomi’s latest gadgets.

Xiaomi is a smartphone manufacturer in India and worldwide. The business has also been found accessories and house gadgets as time passes. Here comes the latest addition into the screenplay: a bag. The newest one is a transparent suitcase which is included with a see-through body, although technically, Xiaomi had launched suitcases.

Xiaomi declared the limited edition transparent bag by its official Weibo handle today (November 27). The transparent Xiaomi Suitcase is available exclusively.

Plus, the limited edition was launched just in seven nations.

The Xiaomi Suitcase transparent edition will soon be available for these select country clients. It’s still unconfirmed when the brand new suitcase will start in India. Some of Xiaomi’s other suitcases available in India start from Rs. 2,999. So, even if the Chinese manufacturer releases the limited variant transparent suitcase in the country, it could be roughly Rs. 5,000.

According to the statements from the business, the Xiaomi Suitcase transparent edition is made with’urban elements’. But it remains unclear what this implies and the firm has left it the consumer’s imagination. The plan is certainly unique and bold and will assuredly catch the eye of the general public. However, for you personally, you can’t pack a corpse in it!

The transparent suitcase can also be handy for security checks in airports and other gateways for entering and exiting a nation. Time, safety personnel scan further request travelers and the bags to unlock it. Will the translucent design aid in security clearance? Maybe.

This isn’t the first Xiaomi product that steps away from technology that is hardcore. The organization had previously launched much more, sneakers, and tee-shirts. In addition, the attribute was also seen in the 90 stage suitcases by the company.

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